Gap Of Desolation

The Gap of Desolation is what’s keeping entrepreneurs from reaching success online.

Squirrly Company

Our worldwide operations are aligned around a global strategy called “Bridging the Gap of Desolation”, which centers on an exceptional customer experience.

With our SaaS, AI Digital Assistants, Technologies, Mentoring, Guidance, Coaching and Motivation, each Squirrly client manages to beat the Gap of Desolation and reach the point where they constantly get new Customers from the Internet.

Macy, the Entrepreneur, got her business online.

Macy was staring at her computer screen, feeling despondent. Her business wasn't doing well. She couldn't get any customers. She couldn't get her phone to ring.

No matter what she did, she couldn't seem to get any traction. She couldn't get any customers. Macy's business was online but nothing was happening.

Macy felt as if she was going nowhere. Her goals seemed out of reach now.

Feeling that she would never reach the customers she always dreamed about was getting her down.

She was now staring into the Gap of Desolation. The GAP is the natural Enemy of the Entrepreneur.

The Gap of Desolation is what all of us entrepreneurs experience when our goals fall out of our reach and we start questioning everything we know.

We lose our confidence, and we start dreading the hours of tomorrow. Will they be the last ones for our business?

All entrepreneurs go through this. Macy is no different. Staring into that pit makes her feel like she’ll never be able to get out… and maybe… just maybe - she should just GIVE UP!

Luckily, the Digital Assistants from Squirrly arrive to aid Macy on her journey.

With help from the Digital Assistants, Macy finds new hope and realizes she can now do a lot more than before. She is better equiped for what lies ahead: Customers from the Internet.

Potential Customers Start Taking Notice, and with her new helpers, Macy bridges the gap.

Macy is finally happy she didn’t give up on her dreams.

The gap of desolation will always be there, but now Macy has enough success, so the gap holds no power over her.

Customers from the Internet.

By investing in Squirrly’s tools, mentoring, and assistance, Macy was finally able to get her business on track. And today, she is a successful business owner living the life she always dreamed of.